Adding a Process Breakdown Widget allows you to display the breakdown of List, Reference, Yes/No fields, and status levels. There are four Render types you can choose: Pie, Bar, List, and Pyramid. Below are examples of each of the different types of possible Simple Process Breakdown Widgets. 





Use the Further breakdown, Breakdown type to choose another field to breakdown data even further.  


To configure this widget:

  • enter a Widget name and Display text
  • choose a Process
  • choose a View
  • choose a Field
  • if required, limit options displayed by entering the number of options you want displayed, for example, to display the top 10 list options, enter 10
  • choose the Breakdown type
    • Simple breakdown - displays the list option breakdown count of the field chosen
    • Further Breakdown  - displays the list option breakdown count of two fields chosen
  • choose the Render type
    • List
    • Pie
    • Pie (no legend)
    • Bar (vertical)
    • Bar (vertical, no legend)
    • Bar (horizontal)
    • Bar (horizontal, no legend)
    • Pyramid
  • choose a Reporting type
    • Single value - will display data from all forms in view
    • Group by date period - will display data based on a time period from a selected date field
  • choose a Breakdown value
    • View Count - counts the number of forms from the view
    • Quantity field - attributes the value in a quantity field to the form breakdown field
  • set a Chart threshold (for line/bar)
  • determine if you want the chart to use saved data versus real-time data by checking the Use long cache box