Top menu >> Setup >> click process >> Settings

The Visibility & names setting allows you to choose the boxes that accompany a form in a process. By default, all web box options are displayed.

In the screenshot below, the default view with all the web boxes is displayed. The names of the boxes are outlined.

To customize web boxes click Visibility & names under Settings in the Template.

The screenshot below shows the default Visibility & names setting.

If you want, you can customize the web boxes by clicking either Show or Hide.

For example, for the 1. Hazard ID process, only Info, Owner, Participants, Actions, Files, and Notes have been shown.


If you want, you can also change the default names of the boxes. For example, if you wanted, you can change the Owner to Started By or change Files to Supporting Documents. To change the names simply enter the customized name into the text box corresponding to the web box name you want to change.

The screenshot below shows the name changes.