When you are dealing with data that is measured in a type of unit, you will want to use a measurement field. RPM has length, pressure, area, weight, force, density, flow, and temperature units available to choose from.

The screenshot below exemplifies all of the different unit types.

Also, notice that the drop down boxes contain further unit breakdown options.

The following list details the different types of measurement fields and their contained units:

  • Length (small) – mm/cm/in
  • Length (medium) – m/ft
  • Pressure – kPa/psi
  • Area – mm2/cm2/in2
  • Weight – kg/lbs
  • Force – kdaN/lbf
  • Density – kg/m3 / lb/gal
  • Flow – m3/min / gal/min
  • Temperature – C/F