Any process in RPM Telco can be fully customized if desired. You can modify existing processes or create a new one custom to your operational needs. Attached to this article are best practice templates that you can easily import (instructions below) and start using. If you have signed up recently, most if not all of these templates are already part of your subscription. If you have been with us prior to 2015 it could be that you have your own custom processes in place. You can import the templates to see how your lead, order, quote etc template can look today if you feel that your template is outdated and could use a tune up. Finally if you are not yet using RPM Telco to track your Orders, Commission Inquiries or Opportunities, you can use the templates attached to this article and import in your subscription. 

If you are looking to fully customize your process(es), please contact us. We are experts and have experience. We can train key personnel in your organization on how to make changes and become an expert. Training session are $150 p/h. 

Top menu >> Setup >> Import a process

Step 1 : Download the XML template for the process you wish to add to your subscription and save on your computer. 

Available templates:

  1. Opportunity: used to track activity on prospects, typically non-paying business that you are trying to do business with. This template is also used to track quote information for multiple locations, suppliers and term. The information can be put in a custom layout and send as PDF or shared with a link.  
  2. Order: used to track and provision orders. Automatic email notifications can be setup to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. 
  3. Trouble Ticket:used to track any issue the end customer has with the service. 
  4. Commission Inquiry: used to track commission inquiries. This can be either initiated by the agent or staff user. Great way to standardize the way you process your inquiries. 
  5. Personnel File: track information of your employees, when they stared, contract, birthday. 
  6. Agency CRM: used to vet potential partners that would like to do business with you. 
  7. Professional Services: used to track consulting hours and calculate the cost. The information can be put in a custom layout which creates an invoice and send as PDF to the opportunity. 
  8. Meetings: track your meetings and create actions making sure participants are held accountable. 

Click Import a process.

Name your process and select a process group (if you have groups setup). 

Click Choose File  find the xml file on your computer and click Next after. 

Depending on what you have added to your subscription process flow might need to be setup to make sure that when you start one process from another (eg: Lead >> Quote >> Order) you flow the data to avoid having to enter the data again. 

Please contact us if you need any assistance: