When hosting a meeting, traditionally meeting attendance has been recorded by using an attendance sheet that all attendees sign. With the introduction of electronic meeting documentation, the question arises “How do I track attendance?”


There are a number of options for recording meeting attendance with electronic meeting documentation.

1. Print and Sign

o Record the meeting details in the system prior to the meeting

o Print the layout to paper.  Ensure the last page of the layout is configured to contain a blank attendance sheet

o Have meeting attendees sign the attendance sheet

o File the paper copy of the meeting with the signed attendance sheet as required

2. Sign, Snap and Attach

o Record the meeting details in Lighthouse prior to the meeting

o On a blank piece of paper, write the following:

§ the name of the meeting

§ meeting date

§ printed name of all attendees

§ signature of all attendees

o Take a picture of the completed attendance sheet

o Attach the picture to the meeting in Lighthouse

o Printable layout can be configured to show pictures if a hard copy is required

3. Actions

o Add each attendee as a participant to the meeting

o Create a “Meeting Reviewed/Attended” action/notification for each participant

o Action/Notification will show in Action Todo List (ensure this widget is on the user's dashboard)

o Have each participant log into Lighthouse and mark the action as complete

o Actions with status and participant name can be added to the layout hard copy

o This method should be combined with a company user account policy that includes the following principles to ensure the integrity of a person’s digital identity:

§ A user account is assigned to only one person.

§ Account passwords should never be shared.

4. Verified Lists

 A verified list is a list that is attached to a form that can be locked, and its contents digitally signed/verified by a system user.  This can be used to record the name of people attending a meeting.  The attendance list can then be locked and verified by someone like the meeting organizer.


To enable verified lists, do the following steps:

o Goto the Setup page for the process.

o Select the “Template” tab.

o In the “Verified lists” box click “Settings”.

o Set Enabled to Yes and determine if multiple lists are required.

o Press OK.


Follow the steps below to use a Verified list:

o Goto the Display view of a form.

o In the “Verified lists” box click “Add a list”.

o Enter the attendees into the list. Press “Next”.

o Click “Verify” to lock the list and verify its contents with a digital signature.