Track how long it takes from when an opportunity is started by your sales staff until the contract is signed. You can report on how your opportunities were contacted (email, phone call, voicemail etc.) and produce a fully custom quote in PDF format that you can download and email to your prospect, or share a link. Forecast your deals easily from your dashboard with information about your pipeline for the next Month, Quarter, Year or custom date range. Dials can be added to your dashboard (see below) displaying your sales staff allowing you to view if they are on their way to hitting their sales targets. When an opportunity is won, an order can be started and your order team will be notified automatically to start the provisioning process. 

Contact our support team now if you would like this template added to your subscription. 

Use the top menu button (hamburger icon) on the top left of your screen and select Processes

Click + Start for the Opportunity process. 

1. Select Yes if this is a lead for an existing customer, if not leave blank and start filling out the company and contact information. 

2. Add contacts by clicking +Add row

*If you have a list of opportunities on a spreadsheet or in a different CRM we can migrate them io RPM. The data has to be in excel format; please consult our support team for instructions: or call: 587-430-0904 x106.

1. Enter the close date, grade your opportunity and put in a deal amount for forecasting.

2. Track what product and supplier your prospect is using and when the contract expires. 

3. Get automatic email reminder by populating the follow up date. 

1. Add the initial contact date. This is used to calculate time between first contact and closing the opportunity.

2. Add the next contact date and get reminded automatically by email.

3. The Contact Log is used to track the type of activity and the time spent. 

Quote Tracking

1. Add Location information.

2 and 3. Select the supplier you are quoting and fill in the term and product details.