The Yes/no list field should be used to capture yes/no, pass/fail, safe/unsafe type answers to a series of questions. 

Add a Yes/no list field by clicking and dragging it into place.

Enter a Field name, Width, and choose a Group, if necessary. 

Depending on the options you are going to add to the Yes/no list field, you may want to change the Value column labels from Yes and No, to something different such as Pass/Fail or Safe/Unsafe.


The Value column order options determine the position of the Yes and No columns. 

Value column format has two options, Radio buttons and Checkbox. 

Radio buttons will allow a user to enter a value for either Yes or No. 

Checkbox will allow a user to check a Yes value only. 

Text column position determines if the list options is Before values or Between values.

Before values will show list options before the Yes and No columns. 

Between values will show list options between the Yes and No columns. 

If there is a possibility that a user can opt out from entering a value for a list options, then the Null column should be ShownIf you want to force a user to answer the list option, then the Null column should be Hidden. 

If you want to provide a user with the option to explain their choice, select Shown. If you choose Shown, you can force a user to enter a comment by choosing the desired condition. 

Finally, choose the Height. 

When you are done configuring your Yes/no list field, click Next to add list options. 

If you want to organize your list options, you can + Add labels.