Users are added to a form as Participants to grant access to and allow them to interact with that form.

To add a user to a form, you must first be a participant of the form. If you are not a participant of a form you will see the + Add myself button. Clicking this will add you as a participant to the form.

Add Participants Individually

Once you have been added as a participant to the form you can add further participants and, if your user has the permission, Edit participants.

To assist you in adding participants to forms, type the users name into the search bar. As you type, the users that match the search criteria will automatically filter, narrowing the users to choose from. Note the Staff users below the search bar. This is the category of users that you are searching.

You can also limit your user search by Staff groups and Staff roles

Add Participants by Group or Role

Users can also be added to forms by Staff Group or Role. Click on a Staff Group or Role and the list of users will be displayed along with the option to add all users as participants.

To add the user, staff group, or role as a participant(s) by clicking on your choice.