To the right of the Top Menu is the "Search Bar".

Search - Processes

To quickly find a process, enter its name in the search bar. As you type Cube will search for matching process names and display them below the search bar. For example, if I wanted to search for the Corrective Action process, by the time I type Corr the process is found. Clicking on the process name takes me to the view of that process. 


By entering a search term in the search bar, Cube will perform a real-time search of the entire application for matching process forms, Customers, and Users. For example, by searching the term Jeremy, Cube will return all forms where Jeremy is found. 

Matched forms are organized into the processes where they can be found. The number of forms found in a process is displayed beside the process name. 

The process name is also a column in the view for easy reference.

You can also either View or Edit a form from the search view. 

To quickly filter forms by process, click the process. 

A view of the forms from that process will be returned. 

If desired, you can search in greater detail at the process level. You can search Everything, or narrow your search focus to Actions, Notes, Filenames, and Fields, which are all listed under Fields

Search - Agencies & customers

The default search page is Processes. To find all Reps, Agencies, Managers, and Customers search term matches click the Agencies & customers tab. 

All information found on this page is a link. Click links and be directed to the associated form. 

Search - Users

Entering a search term and clicking the Users tab will reveal all the users matched by the search term. 

Search - More Searches

To search all processes, staff, agencies, reps, customers, and phone numbers specifically click  More searches. Click the desired search and choose your search filter from the drop down menu.