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In most cases when you notice that you referral has stopped working it is due to a conflict in your includes. 

Includes work like conditions; if they are in conflict the referral will not calculate. 

An easy way to avoid any conflicts is to setup referrals with just customer or just accounts. 

Example: if an account include does not belong to any of the customer(s) that are also part of the includes the referral will not calculate and you will have to setup another referral. 

Sometimes an easy way to resolve this issue is to Copy the referral and remove the customers in the copy and remove the accounts in the original (instructions below). 

If you have a lot of accounts and only 1 or 2 customers it can be quicker to remove the customers and add a new referral including the customers. 

Click Copy

Remove the Customer includes in the copy. 

When done click the arrow up top left of you page

View the 'original' referral

Remove the Account (s) in this one. 

When done go to your Latest run page and calculate

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