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By tracking data in any of the processes you create a standardized way to track your information such as your orders or commission inquiries you have submitted with the various suppliers you do business with. By entering the data in RPM you can report on all your data across the board and RPM will give you the information you need to make correct business decisions. 

Data from your processes is used in widgets that show you breakdowns of what status levels your orders are on oror sum up the MRC of all your orders that are signed during the month. 

Processes (eg: Opportunity - Order - Commission Inquiry)

Each process can be started individually, meaning that an order does not need to have an opportunity. However if you start an opportunity and start the order from it the data that was entered in the opportunity will automatically populate in the order. 

There are several ways to start a form in a process, you will find start buttons on various dashboards, on the processes page and on the form pages. Below a screenshot of the Processes page.  

When you start an opportunity, order or commission inquiry you can start entering the data. 

When you are done entering data you can scroll down and click OK to save. 

1. Button bar: you can choose to Copy, Archive, Trash your form or use More...button. Also Search fields or Order Number. 

2. File box: you can attach any file (word, excel, pdf, jpg)  or add a shareable link. 

3. Action box: actions are reminders you can add manually or automatic actions generated will display here. 

4. Participants box: shows the users that are working on the form. Participants can include agent and customer users, only when an agent or customer is a participant they will be able to view the form. 

5. Notes for agents box: notes can be added, it shows which user added the notes and are date & time stamped. 

6. Notes for staff: shows the history of who, when and which field was modified. 

7. Commission box: when reconcile is setup this box will show you you if this order is paying the correct MRC.

**Note: every user can customize the layout of their form page by dragging and dropping boxes by the name of the box. When a box is dragged a yellow target area will show and you can drop the box in that area. 

Customization of your processes

With our knowledge of the software combined with your knowledge of your business, together we can brainstorm and determine how you can utilize and fully gain understanding of the process management power of RPM.


The time spend with our consultant can be used for training, creating new processes or customize existing ones making sure you take full advantage of all the features that are available and your RPM is geared towards the needs of your company. 

Call us now at: (587) 430-0904 

Consulting & Training fees: $150 p/h

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