Our billing period runs from the 28th of each month to the next and we post-bill. That means you pay for services rendered in the billing period prior to your invoice.

If you automatically pay monthly by credit card your card will be charged on the 8th of each month.

Please be advised that: any user that was enabled during a billing period, even for a short time, will show up on the invoice for that period. 

Explanation of the different  headers as they appear on your invoice

1. Qty: Amount of users enabled during billing period.

2. Description: User seat types and other billable items*.

3. USD Price: Price per user when enabled during billing period or billable item. 

4. Extension: Charge for user(s) = Qty x USD Price and charges for other billable items when applied.


  • 001 Super user: this is the system manager of your subscription and is able to see and do everything, you typically only need one of these.
  • 002 Staff user: if granted all privileges this user is able to see and do everything except modify privileges. This user can not be commissioned.
  • 003 Agent manager: can see commissions for all the reps, adjustments or referrals the agency receives.
  • 004 Agent reps: can only see commissions that belong to the Rep and any processes that the rep is a participant of.
  • 005 Custom: customer user, the end user that the product or service got sold to. This login does not have a commission module.   
  • 006 Concurrent: applies when subscription is set to certain amount of concurrent users. 
  • 007 Files: charges for file attachments. Standard contract includes 2GB of file attachments
  • 008 Items: commission records. Standard contract includes 5000 records, any additional 2500 items is $99. What is an item?
  • 009 Field user: not applicable for Telco subscribers.
  • 010 Adjustment: any sort of adjustment. 
  • 011 Minimum: only applicable for subscribers that have a minimum commitment as part of their contract. 

Be aware that your contract details can be different. 

To find our standard contract pricing please follow this link: http://rpmtelco.com/pricing/

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