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What Is the Benefit of Using RPM Telco Processes vs. Spreadsheets?
Do you find your company staff buried in a mountain of spreadsheets and investing an excessive amount of resources to maintain the highly manual proce...
Mon, 14 Nov, 2016 at 9:25 AM
About the Multi Supplier Import Feature
In most cases when you do business with a master agent you get your commission data on 1 spreadsheet which includes commission items for more than 1 supplie...
Mon, 25 Jan, 2016 at 1:45 PM
Commission Transfer Overview
Our application is the de facto standard in the industry and the footprint of RPM Telco in the alternate channel continues to grow each year. There is a go...
Mon, 14 Feb, 2022 at 10:13 AM
About the Agency Group Manager
Mergers, joint ventures, taking over another companies' base or a channel manager that needs to have visibility in their sub agents commissions and ...
Wed, 12 Jan, 2022 at 2:54 PM
Custom Subdomain
You have the option to use your own custom subdomain to land on the RPM Telco logon page.  You can replace the 'yourcompan...
Tue, 9 Aug, 2016 at 9:57 AM
Net Promoter Score(NPS)
NPS is considered the only customer loyalty metric used on a world-wide scale. It measures customer experience and predicts business growth. A strong NPS sc...
Thu, 27 Jan, 2022 at 3:19 PM