Top menu >> Commissions >> Imports setup

You can add multiple matrixes for the same supplier. This feature allows you to import commission statements from suppliers you do business with direct or other statements you receive from master agents. This enables you to have all your commissions under the same supplier rather than having a multitude of suppliers setup.   

The import matrix is a map that tells RPM how to interpret the commission data of a supplier. For each supplier the import matrix matches a variable in RPM to an Excel column name from your commission statement.  

1. If this is the first import matrix for the supplier, to start mapping your spreadsheet headers in the upload matrix you need to click Edit. 

2. If this is an additional matrix you click + Add an import matrix.  

1. You can name your matrix. If you get the commissions from your source direct or perhaps via a master agent. 

2. Paste the data from the header in your spreadsheet (commission data) next to the appropriate value in the matrix. Typically the same header is used for Rep ID and Account as shown in screenshot below. 

3. You can make any variable or row required. That means that if there is no value for the column the import will be stopped. 



Top menu >> Commissions >> Imports setup >> + Add item variable


Beyond the provided options in the upload matrix RPM allows you to bring in any other variables (data) from your Excel spreadsheet for you to report on (eg: bill month, install date, invoice date, term, address). 


More on this please read the article: What are item variables and what can you use them for?

Click Imports setup (all suppliers).

Click + Add an item variable.

1. Variable: Name of variable can be entered here

2. Type: If you are not sure which one applies to your variable you can choose either 'Code' or 'Text' 

3. Note: Any notes pertaining to the variable

4. Security: For Staff only to see or Not hidden for agents. When you choose Not hidden, the variable will show as a header on the commission statement excel download

5. Enforce allowed values: Enter a list of values that it is allowed to have. If someone tries to import a commission item or add or edit a commission item with a different value it will display an error

6. Copy to a custom field: If you have custom fields setup you can choose on commission import to copy the value to a customer, location, account custom field (Copy to a custom field


You are almost done, last step is to  Edit the upload matrix >> you will see your newly created item variable(s) at the bottom of the matrix >> paste the same value right next to it.

Copy to a custom field

You have to create a custom field first. When done you have the option to copy data from your commission import data to the field. 

To us this feature set the radio button to Enabled. 

1. Category: will show where you are required to choose: customer, location or account. 

2. Field: select the field you want to copy the data to. 

3. Overwrite: Leave existing data intact: when checked, after the first import into the custom field it will not overwrite the data on any commission imports after. When the box is unchecked it will update the field if new values are imported for that variable. 

When done: OK

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