You can add multiple matrixes for the same supplier. This feature allows you to import commission statements from suppliers you do business with direct or other statements you receive from master agents. This enables you to have all your commissions under the same supplier rather than having a multitude of suppliers setup.   

Top menu >> Commissions >> Imports setup

 If this is the first import matrix for the supplier, to start mapping your spreadsheet headers in the upload matrix you need to click Edit

If this is an additional matrix you click + Add an import matrix. 

You can name your matrix. Our best practice is to name the matrix for the source of the spreadsheet you are mapping  

Paste the data from the column header in your spreadsheet (commission data) next to the appropriate value in the matrix. 

You can make any variable or row required. That means that if there is no value for the column the import will be stopped.

Once you have mapped the columns, click Ok to finish.

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