Staff Groups provide a way to help manage Process access for your Staff users as well as managing their dashboards. Staff users can belong to multiple Staff groups and the access level can overlap with each other. When determining what access a Staff user has to a Process, RPM will look at both the user's role and the group(s) they belong to and permit the highest access specified. For example, a Staff user's role may not have access to the above "Quote" process, but since the group they belong to has access, the user will be able to access the Process at the group's specified access.

Another use for Staff Groups can be for assigning Action Triggers to multiple users in the same group. Any new users added to the group will also get assigned new Action triggers, so you don't need to create a new action for the specific user.  

Top menu >> Users >> Click on the Staff Groups tab

Click Add a staff group.

Name the group and click OK.

Select the Staff users you want included in the group and then edit the Processes that the group will have access to.

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