Version 14 of RPM Telco includes many new improvements and features, please take a minute to learn more. 

Multiple Import Matrixes per Supplier

You can add multiple matrixes for the same supplier. This feature allows you to import the commission statements from suppliers you do business with direct or other statements you receive from master agents. This way you do not have to use an excel template saving you time preparing the spreadsheet for import. It also allows you to have all your commission for the supplier in one place rather than having a multitude of suppliers setup.  

Staff Groups

Staff groups provide three main benefits. The most important function is to provide an alternative to just roles for defining access to processes for staff. Second is to allow users to have multiple dashboards (screenshot below). Finally it may also be used to do things to multiple staff at once such as adding a staff group to a form.

Improved Add Participant UI

Staff Groups and Staff Roles and all its members can be added to forms as participants. Or, individual members of a Staff Group can be added.

Find staff users in a staff group or role easily by first filtering for a Staff Group or Role.



  • Form reference field optional form reference parent  
  • Form reference field optional staff reference parent   


  • Further breakdown option for breakdown widgets
  • Limit option for YNL details widgets


  • Process views filter by fields in table fields
  • Process views ‘Last run’ column for account references
  • Process views ‘Website’ column for agency references
  • Staff views filter by privilege 

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