Adding a Process Breakdown Widget allows you to display the breakdown of List, Reference, Yes/No fields, and status levels. There are four Render types you can choose: Pie, Bar, List, and Pyramid. Below are examples of each of the different types of possible Simple Process Breakdown Widgets.





To configure this widget:

  • enter a Widget name and Display text
  • choose a Process
  • choose a View
  • choose a Field
  • if required, limit options displayed by entering the number of options you want displayed, for example, to display the top 10 list options, enter 10
  • choose the Breakdown type
    • Simple breakdown - displays the list option breakdown count of the field chosen
    • Further Breakdown  - displays the list option breakdown count of two fields chosen
  • choose the Render type (Simple breakdown only)
    • List
    • Pie
    • Pie (no legend)
    • Bar (vertical)
    • Bar (vertical, no legend)
    • Bar (horizontal)
    • Bar (horizontal, no legend)
    • Pyramid
  • choose a Reporting type
    • Single value - will display data from all forms in view
    • Group by date period - will display data based on a time period from a selected date field
  • choose a Breakdown value
    • View Count - counts the number of forms from the view
    • Quantity field - attributes the value in a quantity field to the form breakdown field
  • set a Chart threshold (for line/bar) (Further breakdown only)
  • determine if you want the chart to use saved data versus real-time data by checking the Use long cache box

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