The Archive function removes the form from the 'Active' view and any other view that excludes archived forms. Archive is used when you want to preserve the form for historic purposes, but do not want it to appear on reporting functions that use active forms. 

Top menu >>Processes >> Select process >> Select form

When you click into the form, click the More menu at the top.

In the More menu, click Archive.

RPM will now reload the form. You will see an orange bar at the top letting you know the form has been archived. 

If you wish to restore the form, find the form number in the Archived view of the process. 

When in the archived form, click Activate to unarchive the form. 

Archived forms can be searched for through the process and general search functions of RPM. If you wish for the form to not be searchable the form would need to be deleted by using the trash function. 

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