The security settings section of RPM allows you review the password requirements for your RPM subscription, and add additional requirements as to adhere to your companies security policy. 

Top menu >> Setup >> Security settings

From the Top menu go into the Setup section. Once in Setup section click on Security settings   


The passwords section, allows you to see the the password requirements for an RPM login, along with additional requirements you can implement. To enable a password requirement check the box beside the option, then click Ok to save. 

Note: If you change the password requirement for your RPM, this will not prompt password resets for users. It is advised to have your users reset their passwords after changing the settings. 

Sign in with Microsoft

Sign in with Microsoft gives the option to your users to link their RPM login with their Microsoft login. This provides increased security for the login as Multi-factor Authentication can be enabled for Microsoft logins. 

For staff users, you can enforce that they only use the Microsoft sign in. This will allow them to link their RPM login to the Microsoft login. When they then go to login to RPM they must use the Microsoft login. 

Note: With this setting agent users will still be able to login with either Microsoft or RPM credentials.

Click Ok to save your settings. 

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