Version 15 (May 11, 2016) of RPM Telco includes many new improvements and features, please take a minute to learn more. 


Archive Agencies

By archiving an agency the agency will no longer show in the 'All' view of the Agencies page and will also be hidden in drop down menus across the board (eg: agency reference field, add an adjustment, account transfer wizard etc..). 


  • An agency being archived does not affect commissions.   
  • All lists and reports not mentioned in this document include archived agencies. For example, commission run top agencies report.   

Agent users

  • An agency being archived does not affect logon.   
  • Are still billed at the regular rate.   
  • Can logon as normal.   
  • Do not see any indication that their agency is archived. 

Merge Accounts

The account merge allows one account to be merged into another one. This results in one account that has the combined history of both accounts. This feature is intended to deal with situations where there are two accounts that really are the same account and should have always been the same account.

The two main use cases are:

  1. An error was made in an account number that was later fixed and this was not caught until after both numbers had their own commission item history in RPM. 
  2. A supplier purposely changes an account number format. Just changing the number in RPM without an alias feature means getting the timing on the import just right and losing a record of the old number. 


Subscriber Currency Option

Select the symbol you would like to use across the board in your RPM subscription. In addition to the currency symbol you can select the Default country. The selection made here will be the default when a new customer is added. 



 Dashboard & Widgets

  • New widget pattern: Top form.  
  • Custom dashboard tab order.
  • Menu to handle too many tabs.
  • Widgets with ‘None’ still show title & link.


Process Management

  • Edit form participant - new UI.
  • Process remove wizard to properly show and handle the ramifications.
  • Process archive.
  • Separate form archive and trash privileges for roles.


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