Archiving an agency by no means removes or deletes the agency. By archiving an agency, the agency will no longer show in the 'Active' view of the Agencies page and will also be hidden in drop down menus (eg: agency reference field, add an adjustment, account transfer wizard etc..).


  • An agency being archived does not affect commissions. 
  • All lists and reports not mentioned in this document include archived agencies. 
  • The Agency summaries report will list archived agencies if commissions are still calculated for them. 

Agent users

  • Can logon as normal. 
  • Are still billed at the regular rate (when enabled). 
  • Do not see any indication that their agency is archived. 

How to Archive an Agency

Top Menu >> Agencies

Click on the Agency you want to view.

Under the ...More Menu, click Archive

Click Activate to undo. 

From the main Agencies page, the built-in Archived view will list off all of your archived agencies.