The account merge allows one account to be merged into another one. This results in one account that has the combined history of both accounts. This feature is intended to deal with situations where there are two accounts that really are the same account and should have always been the same account. 

The two main use cases are: 

  1. An error was made in an account number that was later fixed and this was not caught until after both numbers had their own commission item history in RPM.
  2. A supplier purposely changes an account number format. 

There will be a history of account merges that have been done.

Note: You cannot merge accounts from different suppliers or customers.

Top menu >> Accounts >> View account >> ... More >> Merge

There will be two accounts, the master account which is kept, and the subordinate account which will become an 'account alias' after the merge. 

The merge will be launched from the subordinate account. The user will select a master account from the same customer and supplier. 

The wizard will list any conflicts and shows the implications of the merge. Due to the implications of an account merge RPM there will be multiple warning boxes prior to completing the merge. 

Click the red Merge button to complete the merge.

If there are no other accounts in the same Customer and Supplier, RPM will show an error with only Cancel available as shown in the screenshot below.

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