Version 15 includes several minor features and improvements we decided to release while we continue to work on the major features originally earmarked to be included in Version 15. 


Custom Dashboard Tab Order


With the release of the Version 14 Staff Groups feature, Cube subscribers have gone Dashboard and Widget crazy, which we think is great! In Version 15, you can control the order of your Staff Group Dashboards.



Process Archive & Remove


Turning a Process On/Off has been replaced with Archive. Trashing a Process has been replaced with Remove. Removing a Process has become more difficult, which it should be. 



Separate Archive and Trash Form Privilege


The Archive, delete forms privilege has been separated for greater control over user privileges.  



New Widget Pattern


New Widget Pattern: Top Form 

Improvements That Just Need to Be Noted

  • Widgets that display "None" now show the Widget's Title & Link
  • Monthly Process Breakdown Widgets default to display newest 12 periods
  • Cube no longer supports Internet Explorer 9