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An approval can be setup for certain processes to make sure that the information that has been entered into a form has been reviewed, usually by a Supervisor. An example of a process that can use an Approval is a Quote or Order process. After a Quote or Order has been (partially) completed, the person that needs to review the form (Approver) will be sent an Approval. 

Before you add an approval for a process you probably want to add status levels that the form can be 'locked' into when the form is in approval and other status levels that the form is set to the moment when a form is either approved or rejected.  TIP: when you setup the 'Approved' or 'Rejected' statuses you can set it up in a way that this status cannot be (manually) selected by the user avoiding the Approval stage (see screenshot below).

Another feature to use in combination is the Status Triggers. You can have the form trigger itself into the 'Waiting for Approval' status after it is saved for the first time when a specific (required) field is populated. 

1. Examples of Status levels. 

2. Start setting up the approval click + Add an approval

Status levels: select when the approval is eligible, the status it goes to when the form is approved or rejected. 


  • While eligiblelock the form when the form is 'In approval' or allow editing. 
  • Responses: option to copy the response to the notes. 
  • Approved condition
    • Unanimous - Require all parties in the stage respond for both Approving and Rejecting.
    • Majority - Require a majority of parties in the stage respond for both Approving and Rejecting.
    • Single - Require a single party in the stage to Approve or all parties in the stage to unanimously Reject. 
    • First response - Requires only the first response of any party in the stage to Approve or Reject.
  • Completed: when possible or make all stages respond. More on stages in the next steps below. 

Custom naming: customize various elements such as the Approved or Rejected note that is visible when the approval is used. 

Almost done....

Next step is to add 1 or more stages. The stage can define the user or group of users that need to review the form or if there is more than 1 stage a form needs to be reviewed on. 

Click + Add a stage

  • Stage: name the stage. 
  • Approver: select the approver or approvers if more than 1 stage. 
  • Skip: option to skip the approval for specific roles or users.
  • Require comment on: select on what outcome you would like to make a comment required. 

Screenshot below shows what happens when a form is eligible for approval and who the approver is. Also an email notification will be sent to the approver. 

When you Approve a form, the User who approved it and 
the time it was approved, is recorded in the Notes Box.