Status level are a handy tool to report on forms that are at a certain stage in the life cycle of that process. From this page you have the ability to add, edit or trash status levels. 

You cannot trash a status level that is being used by a form, if you want to trash the status level you need to update any forms with that status level to a different one. This could be done manually or by import

Top Menu >> Setup >> Select Process >> Workflow tab

Click Add a status level.

  • Status: enter the name of the status.
  • User selectable: ability for the user to select the status manually or not. 
  • Auto-archive: archives a form when this status is reached. 
  • Allow form edit: allow or deny the ability to edit the form when on this status. 
  • Allow file add/editallow or deny the ability to add or edit a file when on this status.
  • Include in sum columns: include or exclude the forms from totaling up the money columns from said process and status on any Account views.