Version 16 (Sep 7, 2016) of RPM Telco includes many new improvements and features, please take a minute to learn more. 


Email Notification Overhaul

  • No more form edit notification. Replaced by form watching feature and manual notification. 
  • Optional form fields displayed in email notification. 
  • Better email formatting.

Screenshot below is an example of how an email notification displays in Outlook. 

Logo System Overhaul

  • New logos are larger and sharper. 
  • New logo upload automatically fixes size. 


Search Changes

Top “Agents & customers” search is limited to company names and account numbers. Links are provided within each category to redo the search limited to that category but searching everything in it.




  • Accounts view new column: “Aliases”.

Dashboard & Widgets 

  • Fields in tables can be chosen for breakdown widgets.
  • Dashboard widget caching for performance.
  • Process search ‘Number’ scope option.  
  • Search widget, a widget that shows a search for things other than processes. 

Process Management

  • Customer user participants can attach files to forms (same as agent users).
  • Optional color for each list option in single select lists.
  • Process view staff reference field filter new option: “me”.
  • Date format option.
  • Add a participant from action add/edit.