When creating a custom view there are many options to get the data showing in the view that you would like to see. Options like adding filters, showing repeating fields sets and adding columns. This article will show you how to use certain filters that will show you data of a month, quarter or year without having to update the date range. This feature is especially handy if you are using the view to power a widget

When you would like to display orders signed or started in the current month, quarter or year you have the option to select the value (month, quarter, year) and put a '0' in the box right next to it (screenshots below). Adding other values such as 1,2,3 etc and the filter will display 1,2,3 months, quarters or years ago. 

When editing a view >> add a filter >> select a date field >> select an option from the Value dropdown menu. 

If you would like to see 'current', place a 0 (zero) in the box.