Version 17 (November 25, 2016) of RPM Telco includes many new improvements and features, please take a minute to learn more. 


Custom layout viewing by agent and customer user

Agent and customer users can now view and download layouts. This feature is a great addition to provide your sales team or sub agents with a template such as a Quote to present to their prospect. 

Action trigger for agent user

You can now assign an action based of the Rep Reference field in a process. A useful feature to make sure your internal or external sales agents get notified on key dates or status level changes. How to setup or change the assignee on a action trigger, click HERE.

Agent & Customer user access to email integration

Allow agent users and customers users to access email integration by template. Another improvement to display more information to the agent users involving them any part of the customer lifecycle either the Lead, Quote or Order stage. 

Read all process permission for agent and customer users

Additional options for agent user security in processes. The ones that were added: Read all, Edit own/Read others and Start own/Read others. To toggle the setting you need to go the security settings in the template of your process.