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When repeating fields are created in RPM they are assigned a unique identifier called Form Set so you can reference them directly when trying to update existing data on the Repeating fields set. The first set of repeating fields has no Form Set number.

The easiest way to update repeating fields is to create a view with the purpose of that in mind. So we'll start off at the default view for your Process, most times this is the all view. You'll want to hit Edit view here.

First thing we'll change is changing how the view is displaying each set of data from the repeating fields in order to display every set of repeating field in the view.

Next we'll want to Select the Columns. You'll want to add all the fields you want to update to the view as well as adding the Form Set column under Info.

After that confirm the view has all the columns you want to update and that form set is a column in your view and hit OK. That will bring you back to the process view screen with your new view. From here simply download the view to get the headers and the set of data you want to update and change the values to reflect the updates. 


And then import in the new data using the Overwrite option.


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