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This will be a guide on how to import into a form with repeating fields without any data. Essentially creating new sets of repeating fields rather than updating repeating fields with data already.

Like a regular Import using Number, importing into Repeating fields requires a special column to identify which set of Repeating fields you would like to import into.

To begin you'll need to add a column called Form Set to your Excel document. Alternatively you can add Form Set to a Custom View as a column under the Info section. 

RPM generates a unique Form Set ID for each repeating field that's already been created in the form. This will be used if you're wanting to update existing fields in a Repeating field.

In order to add data to repeating fields we'll have to set the Form Set column to Add, with each row representing a new set of repeating fields on the Form. 

The Number column has to have a value in order to be created and have the repeating field data populated. You cannot have the number auto generate by leaving the number column blank and import into repeating fields at the same time.

So for example this Excel document below after import will look like this on a form. Column D is a Text field repeating field called Customer name, and we're trying to create 3 sets of Repeating fields in the form.

The add in Form Set is case sensitive! Make sure that it is in all lower cases!

Nothing changes in terms of using the importing wizard, but if you need a refresher on how to import normally into processes.

Each row has been added to the form as a new set of repeating fields! 

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