Version 19 (April 20, 2017) of RPM Telco includes many new improvements and features, please take a minute to learn more. 


Digitally sign off on an order or contract using your mobile device or laptop. You can use this feature to have your staff sign off on specific status levels such as an install or a tech visit. The signature can be added to a pdf (layout) and downloaded, shared or printed. More on how to use and setup this feature in your subscription you can find here:


Show error on certain features if there isn't an open run (eg: Add commission group, Edit commission group, Modify a tier rate, Add or edit account group, Add account to account group). 

This will avoid confusion when changes are made while the run is closed and the moment the run is re-opened after a calculate the totals are different. 


  • Signatures in form response


  • Transfer column for Manager view
  • Salutation and Title columns in staff views
  • Calculation time added to commission history page
  • Add reps to user page history
  • Form import option to not set unread flags
  • Form started as a formula input
  • Action Trigger Assignee Include Shared Staff Ref
  • Add limited support for some references to the interactive filter