Digitally sign off on an order or contract using your mobile device or laptop. You can use this feature to have your staff sign off on specific status levels such as an install or a tech visit. The signature can be added to a pdf (layout) and downloaded, shared or printed.

For some definitions of Electronic Signatures click here.

To enable signatures for a process the first step is to go to the template and click on Signatures in the Setting box. 

Top menu >> Setup >> Select process

1. Show signatures box: to enable the signature feature select Yes

2. Box title on form page: you can create a custom name for the box showing on the form page.

3. Method: hand drawn or generated. Hand drawn allows you to sign with your own signature and the generated option will create a signature with your input (name). 

4. Show company field: option to add a company name. 

5. Instruction (blank for none): you can use the boilerplate instruction, create a custom instruction or leave blank for no instruction. 

Next click the Workflow tab. 

If the signatures box is enabled per status level there is an "Add signatures link" option shown that indicates if signatures can be added while the form is at that status level.

In the Status levels box click Edit for the status level you want to enable the signature link. 

At the bottom in the Form signatures section to enable set the radio button to Yes

On the form page there is a Signatures box displaying with 2 options when you have setup a saved signature

Add a signature to add your signature.

Add my saved signature signature to add your saved signature. 

1. Add your name

2. Add your company name

3. Sign your name in the signature box

Click Add when done. Click Add more when other people have to sign.

Below is an example of a generated signature. 

Below is an example of a hand drawn signature.