Event Based Preventative Maintenance is an Add On that is used to perform preventative maintenance tasks for an Asset when the Asset’s usage threshold has been met or exceeded.

As an example, Preventative Maintenance can be applied to a Vehicle and the Vehicle's maintenance program that is required at predetermined intervals.

The Vehicle form tracks data about a vehicle, in particular, the maintenance schedule (Maintenance Schedule), the odometer reading at the last maintenance (Last Scheduled Maintenance Completed (KM)), and the current odometer reading (Current KM).  When the current odometer reading is updated, if it passes the next maintenance milestone, a new Vehicle Maintenance form is automatically created and the maintenance coordinator notified. 

The Vehicle Maintenance form, in addition to informational fields, will track if this is Regular Maintenance, the KMs at Time of Service, and the Status of the maintenance (Awaiting Maintenance or Completed).

At a predetermined time interval, such as every Monday, the Vehicle status is automatically changed to “Awaiting Odometer Reading”.  At this point someone needs to check the odometer of the vehicle, update the Current KM on the vehicle form, and set the status to Active.  If the Current KM passes the next calculated maintenance milestone, a new Vehicle Maintenance form is created. In the example below, maintenance milestones are every 5000 kms. Based on this frequency, maintenance forms will be created when the Current KM reach 5000 km, 10000 km, 15000 km, 20000 km, 25000 km, 30000 km, 35000 km, etc.

When the Vehicle Maintenance form is created it starts in "Awaiting Maintenance" status.  A notification is sent to the Maintenance Coordinator indicating that a vehicle requires maintenance.  In this case, 4 notifications to the Maintenance Coordinator have been configured: when the Vehicle Maintenance form is created, if it is still in Maintenance Required status after 30, 60, and 90 days.

Once the maintenance has been completed, enter the maintenance details.



The following fields record a quantity like kilometres, miles, hours, minutes, etc.
  • Maintenance Schedule - Single Select List - identifies the interval between regular maintenance
  • Current KM - Quantity field - records the current usage of the asset like how many KMs the vehicle was driven, how many hours the machine has been used, how many litres a pump has transferred
  • Last Scheduled Maintenance Completed (KM) - Quantity field - system populated from the Preventative Maintenance. Usage at Time of Service that was closed last

Preventative Maintenance

  • Regular Maintenance - Yes/No (checkbox) - records if the Preventative Maintenance form is Regular Maintenance or not
  • KMs at Time of Service - Quantity field - records the usage of the asset at the time of service.  This will be copied to the asset 
  • Status - Workflow Status - must contain “Maintenance Completed” status.  When form enters this status, the Vehicle Last Scheduled Maintenance Completed is set to the Preventative Maintenance or Usage at Time of Service

At this point all of the configuration has now been completed. In order for the Event Based Preventative Maintenance Add On to work, it needs to be hooked it up. Contact support (support@cubedms.com/support@lighthousehse.com) to get hooked up.