Electronic Signatures

Collect the name, company, and electronic signature from safety meeting participants on a safety meeting form or have a work site supervisor approve an inspection with their electronic signature and date & time of approval. However you use it, this new functionality delivers greater accountability and compliance.

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Import Option To Change Forms To Unread

When editing forms via import, especially a large number of forms, the importer may not want the import to change edited forms to unread because the edit may not be significant enough to warrant the change and the importer may not want to affect individual user's read/unread reporting metrics.

Action Trigger Assignee Includes Shared Staff References

For Schedule Based Preventative Maintenance processes, a Staff Reference field on an asset form tracks the individual who is responsible for that asset. When an asset is chosen on a maintenance form, use the value from a shared Staff Reference field to send an action or notification about the maintenance to the individual responsible for that asset.

Form Started As Formula Field Input

"Form Started" is the date & time a form is first submitted. Use the Form Started date & time in a Formula field to track the difference in time from when a Corrective Action form was started and when the Corrective Action was implemented. Then, use this data in a Breakdown widget to monitor the average monthly Corrective Action implementation time.

Additional Improvements

  • Salutation and Title Included as Columns in Staff User Views
  • Signature Column Included in Status Level Table
  • Support for Filtering View by References With An Optional Parent

Integration & Add Ons

Use the API to integrate with other software applications to send or receive data such as job numbers, equipment lists, and employee lists. Or use the API to connect an Add On such as Schedule and Event Based Preventative Maintenance, Status Aggregator, and Status Dictator that enhance Lighthouse functionality. Contact us for more information about the API, how to use the custom Add Ons mentioned, or about building a new Add On.

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