Whether it be a safety meeting, work order, quote, or inspection process collecting a signature is an important component. Signatures can be collected after a form is created and each user or person can sign off on it. 

For some definitions of Electronic Signatures click here.

Electronic Signatures

The setup of Signatures is described from the prospective of a safety meeting process. 

Aside from tracking the content of the safety meeting, collecting the name, company, and signature of participants combined with the approval and signature of the meeting leader is important for safety compliance. 

The first setup step of Signatures is to Show signatures box, which enables the ability to collect the electronic signatures of meeting participants. This is found on the Template tab in the Settings.

From the Signatures settings page a setup user can:

  • Show signatures box - by setting value to Yes.
  • Name the Box title on form page - in the screenshot below the Signature box will be named "Meeting Participants".
  • Determine the Method of signature input to be either:
    • Drawn - user would add their signature using their finger or stylus on a mobile device or mouse on a computer.
    • Generated - user would add their signature by typing their name only, they system will automatically generate a signature from typed text.
  • Show company field - a text box for a user to enter the company they work for.
  • Provide Instruction - such as a disclaimer to be accepted by a user when they add their signature.

The next setup step is to determine the status level(s) where adding signatures is appropriate. Edit the status level and choose Yes for Add signature link shown. The setup user should repeat this step for all status levels signatures should be added.

Typically a safety meeting form is prepared before the start of a safety meeting. When the safety meeting commences or after the meeting has been concluded and any new information captured on the safety meeting form, signatures of meeting participants are collected. At this point a mobile device would be passed around and meeting participants would add their electronic signatures.

Save time as the mobile device goes around by using Add more to add additional signatures. 

When a user adds their signature, the date and time it was added is automatically captured and displayed. If necessary, the time a user signs a safety meeting form could be audited against potential form edits by examining the form history. 

However, it's a best practice that a safety meeting form be locked from editing when collecting signatures. Then, when all signatures have been collected, an Approval is initiated

Secure Electronic Signatures

Signatures have been combined with Approvals to create secure electronic signature functionalityIncluding a signature with an Approval can be done either with a saved signature or by drawing one. 

If a user wants to add a saved signature, the first setup step is to logon using a username and password. Then navigate to the Top Menu >> Users, View their user page, and Add saved signature.

The saved signature can now be used for Approvals. 

The next setup step is to configure which Approval Stage(s) you want users to provide a signature for. Edit the appropriate Approval Stage and choose to Require signature on: Approval, Rejection, Any choice, and Never.

If you configure an Approval Stage to require a signature, the user's Name will automatically be filled in, and the user has the option to Use saved signature (if one has been saved), or draw one. 

Signatures added to a form by an Approval are shown in the Approval box with the Result, and a date and time stamp. 

Signatures added via Approval can be considered as a secure electronic signature because:

  1. It is unique to the person making the signature.

  2. The technology or process used to make the signature is under the sole control of the person making the signature.

  3. The technology or process can be used to identify the person using the technology or process.

  4. The electronic signature can be linked with an electronic document in such a way that it can be used to determine whether the electronic document has been changed since the electronic signature was incorporated in, attached to, or associated with the electronic document.


Signatures can also be added to Layouts. Add Signatures from the Insert menu, then choose how you want them to appear. 

Notes on Signatures

The following are internal process suggestions that will strengthen the legitimacy of signature collection:

  • Have approver check driver's license of individuals signing form to ensure they are the person they have indicated.
  • Include a picture of all people that signed form.

Electronic Signatures & Offline App

Electronic signatures can also be collected using the offline app. When it is time to collect signatures, press Signatures.

To add a signature press +

Add Name, Company (optional), and a Signature. When a person has added their signature they can press the arrow to get back to the signature page. 

All signatures collected will be displayed on the signatures page.

To add more signatures press +.

Secure Electronic Signatures

Approval functionality is not available on the app at this time. Approving forms will be required to be completed with an Internet connection through the website.