You have the ability to give Staff users certain commission privileges. They can be used to prevent them from making changes to important commission rules or commission setup features. Commission permission can also be used to hide certain information. Enabling some permissions can lead to other information being extrapolated through simple math. Our general rule of thumb is that if you decide to enable commission totals of any sort, they are "all or nothing".

Top Menu >> Users >> Role

Commission section: grants users the ability to see the Commissions section of RPM. This includes Suppliers and Account numbers. Note: This setting is required for all other Commission privileges. 

Commission setup: includes Supplier schedules, pay plans, which pay plan agency has, modifications, tolerances, product add/edit/trash, product matching, default columns, add/edit/trash/migrate commission variables.

Schedule exceptions: allows the user to modify and add account groups, splits, addendums.

Referrals setup: grants the user the ability to Add new Referrals or Edit existing ones. 

Supplier import setup: includes the user to modify and add matrixes, multi-supplier import setup, supplier import aliases, transfer setup.

Commission assignment: allows the user to reassign accounts or assignment codes.

Reconcile forms and commissions: Reconcile is a feature within RPM that compares Forms (ie. Orders) with Commissions. Please see our Reconcile explained article for more information. 

Import commission items: grants the user permission to the Import Data page where they can import new commission spreadsheets and Transfer commissions. 

View commission items, adjustments: allows the user to view the Latest Run page. This includes commission line items, Adjustments, as well as latest run Reports. 

Edit commission items, adjustments: allows the user to edit commission items and adjustments.

Calculate commissions: allows the user to run a Calculate to refresh your commission.

Start, close commission runs: allows the user to start or close a commission run. 

View agency, rep, customer, account commission totals: allows the user to see commission totals on Reports and Views. 

View subscriber, supplier commission totals: allows the user to view Supplier totals for Net billed and Gross Comm. as well as Gross Profit totals. 

View agency schedules: allows the user to view or change Agency individual schedules and Pay Plans. 

View master schedules, account groups: allows the user to view Supplier schedules and edit default Pay Plans.

View deposits: allows the user to view the Deposits page.

Add, edit, delete deposits: allows the user to add, edit or delete Deposits. 

View payments: allows the user to view the Payments page.

Add, edit, delete payments: allows the user to mark an Agency as paid.