Monthly Breakdown Type Widgets Include Started & Modified Dates

When a form is started the date and time is automatically recorded and called Started. When a form is edited the date an time is automatically recorded and called Modified. For Monthly Breakdown report type widgets you can now use the Started and Modified dates to sort data. For example, make a process count widget for an Inspection process and report the number of inspections by month using the Started date to sort the data into months.

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Languages With Special Characters Supported in Layouts

For the benefit of our international Subscribers, special characters are now supported in Layouts so you can create Layouts in your home language.

Mobile Device Improvements

In this version we spent some time improving Lighthouse when used on a mobile device. Some noteworthy improvements are:

  • Ensuring all blue help buttons showed help info
  • Better field focus after required field errors
  • Closing date & time field drop down lists after a value is selected

Other Improvements

Decimal, Money, Quantity Fields With Enforced Min/Max Values Will Not Automatically Set Value If a Value Is Not Entered
User ID Added to Form History for Easier User Auditing


It doesn't happen often, but some Lighthouse Subscribers reach their file and email attachment storage limit and have to contact support for a limit increase in order to attach further files and emails. There is now an option to remove the limit. If a Subscriber decides to remove their limit and uses more than their allocated amount, the access amount will be charged to their monthly invoice. Contact us is you are interested in removing your limit. 

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