Top Menu >> Setup >> Process Flow

This feature allows you to flow data from 1 form to multiple forms in different processes. For example you can flow a closed opportunity into an order as well as to an inventory form.

To make this work the process flow for the source (opportunity) and the 2 targets (order, inventory) needs to be setup. 

Click Flow Groups.

Click + Add a flow group.

1. Name the Group.

2. Name the Link text. This is the text displaying either on the flow button on top of your form or on top of the repeating field set. 

3. Select if you would like to flow the date from repeating fields.

4. Select your flow source. 

When the setup is done go back to the Process Flow page and view the flow setup for 1 of the 2 you need to edit and make part of the flow group. 

Click Edit

Select the flow group you created. Click OK when done. 

Repeat the steps for the other flow setup.