Release Date: Oct 17, 2017

Forgot Username or Password?
To assist your organization with username and password support we’ve added the Forgot username? and Forgot password? tools on the logon page so a user can receive their username or reset their password via email without administrative assistance.

Duration Field
We’ve developed a new field type, Duration. Use it to capture data related to units of time in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years. A Duration field can be used as an input in a Formula field to calculate cumulative time for a daily timesheet process or used in conjunction with a Date field to calculate an expiry date for a contract process. Duration fields can also be used in Process Breakdown and Process Sum widgets for dashboard reporting.

Attention List Widget
New options for the Attention list widget that expands its utility to show actions and approvals due for all users. Previously this widget’s functionality just showed actions and approvals due for yourself. Place this widget on the dashboard of a supervisor or manager so they can monitor open actions and approvals for all processes and all users.

Outgoing Commission Transfer List
The new Outgoing Transfers report under Commissions lists other RPM Telco subscribers that are also an Agent user of yours and use that access to transfer commission items from your subscription.


  • Approvals are now evaluated without leaving the form you are approving
  • List and reference fields can be filtered by “n/a”
  • When viewing table fields in a list of forms, we’ve added the ability to show the last row of the table
  • Date based reminders evaluated immediately when a form is saved, which allows for date based reminders that are effective “Today” to be fired
  • Min/max support for fields in tables same as fields outside of tables

No more support for IE10.