Your Opportunity, Order and Commission Inquiry processes are setup with statuses that will help you report on where the Opportunity, Order or Commission Inquiry is in it's lifecycle. 

When you edit any of these forms you are able to manually place the form (eg: order) on a certain status. RPM Telco however is already setup with so called: Status Triggers. Status triggers are in place that when you for instance populate the "Submitted to Carrier" date field in your order, after saving the order, the status will automatically be changed to the status "Submitted". Below a list of the status triggers that are currently setup in your RPM Telco subscription. 

You can customize your Statuses in the setup of your process template. 

**Note: you can block email notification for any of your processes in your preferences. 


Field NameSets Status To
Lead Grade - 75% - HOT / Contract Sent75% - HOT
Lead Grade  -50% - Warm / Quote Sent50% - Warm
Lead Grade - 25% - Cold25% - Cold
Lead Grade - DeadDead
Initial ContactIn Progress


Field nameSets Status To
Customer Invoice ReviewedBilling
Activation DateActivated
Installed DateInstalled
FOC DateFOC date received
Requested Install DatePending installation
Order AcceptedAccepted
Submitted To CarrierSubmitted

Commission Inquiry

Field nameSets Status To
Inquiry ClosedResolved
Pending Receipt of Supplier $Pending Receipt of Supplier $
Inquiry submitted to SupplierPending Supplier Response
First Response to Agency (Rep)Pending Partner Response

Manually set your form to a certain status.

Click Edit

Click in the Status drop down menu and select the status. 

Click OK at the bottom to save your selection.