Below are some example scenarios where Offline Forms can help:


SDS Sheets

Customer, Site, Contact - Make your list of Customer Sites, and Customer Contact information available to your staff.  The Site could contain the directions to get to a site, who the primary site contact is, and important site considerations.

To configure offline forms, first ensure the appropriate account groups/roles have at least Read access to the forms.

Press Top Menu >> Setup >> <process name> >> Settings >> Security

The next step is to make the individual forms available to the app.

Press Top Menu >> Setup >> Integration >> Offline forms

Select the name of the Process.

The Add form list will contain all the forms that can shown through the app as offline forms.  Select each form that should be made available.

If all the forms should be made available select + Add all.

The grid on the page will contain a list of all the Forms that are marked as Offline forms.

On the app, ensure you are logged in and press the Refresh icon.  This will bring the new forms down to the app.

To access the forms, press the Top Menu >> Offline Forms >> <select process> >> <select form>>