To configure 3rd Party Viewing of Layouts

Setup the user and the role...

Top menu --> Users --> Staff roles --> + Add a guest role

Role: Custom Layout User

Press OK

Top menu --> Users --> Staff users --> + Add a staff user 

Press + Custom Layout User

First Name: Subscriber Name (Acme)

Last Name: Custom Layout

Username: acmecustomlayout

Make sure there are no spaces in the username.

Select Manual password

Leave the Password as it is

Logon: Enabled

Press Finish

To configure each process...

Top menu --> Setup --> <target process> --> Template tab --> Security

Add a role or group: Custom Layout User

Set the "Custom Layout User" to "Start only, hide all"

Press OK

Verify the setup...

Top menu --> Setup --> <target process> --> Template tab --> Guest user logon + start links

The new acmecustomlayout user should show in the table

To share a specfic layout...

View the layout to share.

Layouts --> <layout name> --> Save

Give the Layout a name.

Press Save

Press Share

By Link --> Any user with this link --> check this box

The Logon and view links for guest users section will appear

A url is displayed at the bottom that can be copied and distributed to people without an account in the subscription.