API Changes

  • Rep is being changed to put the contact information into a contact object like every other endpoint that returns contact information. Previously the contact properties were at the root. Contact support if you use this endpoint and would like to see examples using your data.
  • CustomerLocationAdd will now return an "A location requires a name" error instead of making a location with a blank name.

New Endpoints

  • Staff returns information on one staff user.

Bug Fixes

  • ActionEdit no longer has a ProcessID request property. That property was not needed because FormID is required and was actually not even being used.
  • Rep will now specify "Agency not found" if the agency requested does not match.
  • ProcForm is now returning values for Yes/no list type fields.
  • ProcFormAdd and ProcFormEdit now return more useful messages related to filling in table fields:
    • Row {row ID} is missing required property Uid.
    • Field {field name} is missing required property Rows.