Limit Change

  • The daily API limit will now be applied per key instead of for the whole subscription. This is driven primarily by app use so that the limit doesn't need to be raised to account for new app users. It will also allow different integrations to use different keys so that a problem that hits the limit on one doesn't interrupt service on another.
  • The limit value is being kept the same, but since each key now gets that limit the result is an effective increase in call limits per subscriber.


  • Rep and Agency webhook events. Six new webhook events cover adding, editing, and trashing reps and agencies.
  • form_edit will now fire on form import and note add.

New Endpoints

  • ProcFlows returns the setup information of all process flows.

Endpoint Changes

  • ProcForm now includes the description for each file attachment and a unique ID for each note.
  • StaffList now includes username and email for each staff user.
  • Suppliers now includes added and modified dates.
  • ProcFormAdd and ProcFormEdit now return more useful messages related to filling in table fields:
    • Row {row ID} is missing required property Uid.
    • Field {field name} is missing required property Rows.

Removed Endpoints

  • CustomerUpdate has been removed. User CustomerEdit instead.