A Training Role is the set of mandatory and options training requirements necessary for an employee to be considered competent to perform their job properly and safety. 

To enter a Training Role click + Start.

Enter a Training Role Name.

Enter the Mandatory Training Topics required for the Training Role. 

The Mandatory Topic field is a reference list of Training Topics entered into the Training Topic process. If you don't see a Training Topic you need, you'll need to add it to the Training Topic process. 

The Start Date is the date the Training Topic is effective as a requirement. 

The End Date is the date the Training Topic is no longer effective as a requirement. If you leave the End Date field blank, this means that this requirement is always effective. For example, if First Aid is always required for this role then leave the End Date field blank. 

The Valid For field is used for company policy definitions that may require Training Topics to be completed at different durations from typical valid through dates related to Training Topics. For example, a First Aid Training Topic may be valid for 3 years from a 3rd party training provider, but as a company policy, the Training Role requires First Aid training to be updated every year. In this case, you would enter 1 years for the Valid For field. 

The Expires field determines if the Training Topic expires or not. If it does expire, the expiry date on the Training Record will be considered in fulfillment calculations. 

Add more Training Topics to the Mandatory Training Topics table by clicking + Add row.

Repeat the above steps for the Optional Training Topics table. 

When you are done entering all Training Roles, or want to review all Training Roles in the future, navigate to the view. 

If a Training Role is not longer required, edit the Training Role form and change the Status to Inactive. This will automatically archive the form (because we have configured this workflow during setup) and remove it from the list of Training Roles available to be chosen. 

If you want to view all Employee Training Profiles that have a specific training role as part of their training profile, navigate to that Training Role form and click Referenced in.