The Employee Training Profile is the hub of the Training Tracking solution. An Employee Training Profile form should be entered for every employee. On the Employee Training Profile, Training Role(s) will be defined. After Training Roles are entered, all the other aspects of the Employee Training Profile will happen automatically due to our configuration.

To enter a Employee Training Profile click + Start.

Chose the Employee. 

(If you can not find the employee you want to enter a Employee Training Log for, you will need to add them as a User.)

Enter the Training Role. 

(If you can not find the Training Role for that employee, you will need to create a new Training Role.)

Enter the Role Start Date which determines when the Training Role comes into affect for the employee. The Role End Date is the date that the Training Role does not apply to the employee anymore. If the Training Role should always affect the employee, leave the Role End Date blank. 

Add more Training Roles to an Employee Training Profile by clicking + Add row.

When you are done entering Training Roles, click OK and watch the magic happen. The magic is Table Fill, it is going to fill in the Mandatory Training Topics and Optional Training Topics table fields automatically.

Repeat the steps above for every employee in your company. 

When you are done entering all Employee Training Profiles, or want to review all Training Roles in the future, navigate to the view. 

If an employee is no longer with your company, edit the Employee Training Profile form for that employee and change the Status to Inactive

If you want to view all Training Records for a specific employee, navigate to their Employee Training Profile and click Referenced in.