A Training Record is some type of training that satisfies a training requirement. 

We recommend that Training Records are entered by employees. This will cut down on administration time of collective training records from every employee and having one or a group of people entering training records on their behalf. 

To enter a Training Record click + Start.

Choose your name (or the name of the Employee related to the Training Record) from the Employee Training Profile field. 

Choose the Training Topic that the Training Record is related to. 

Enter a Training Name for the training that was just completed. 

Enter the Date Received, being the date the training was completed, and the Expiry Date, the date the training expired, if applicable. 

After the fields are completed, click OK. Then add a image of the Training Record (if possible) to the Files box with by + Add a file or by Drag and drop. 

If using the Lighthouse app to enter data, click on Training Record. 

To add an image of your Training Record, click Images. 

Click +

Choose Take Photo...

To view all Training Records, navigate to the view. 

If Training Records are no longer required, for example, if an employee is no longer at your company, edit the Training Record form and change the Status to Inactive. This will automatically archive the form (because we have configured this workflow during setup).

If you want to view all the Employee Training Profile a Training Record is used for, click on the Referenced in.