Managing recurring vehicle inspections is a difficult task; ensuring the correct vehicles receive the appropriate inspections when required.  

Take monthly vehicle inspections as an example. Each vehicle that is part of the active fleet needs to be inspected every month.  If a vehicle is not in the active fleet, it does not require monthly inspection. Tracking which vehicles need to be inspected and which vehicles have been inspected can be a significant burden.  This document will outline a solution that enables the system to perform the administrivia and report a summary.

To track vehicle inspections we recommend a framework that uses the processes:

  • Vehicle
  • Vehicle Inspection Type
  • Vehicle Inspection

Combining these processes with Fulfillment and Table Fill functionality will result in a solution that:

  • Allows you to see, at a glance, the overall status of your inspections
  • Highlight inspections that are missing
  • Accommodates inspections that need to be repeated on a timely basis
  • Notifies people when an inspection is about to expire
  • Allows individuals to enter their own inspections


The Vehicle is the hub of the vehicle inspection tracking system and tracks the following data:

  • General information - information about the vehicle like year, make, model, license plate #, etc.
  • Inspection Schedule - identifies the types of inspections that should be completed and how often the inspections should be completed
  • Inspection History - lists the inspections that have been completed for this vehicle

The Inspection History is setup as a Table field that is populated using the Table Fill functionality and is automatically populated with Vehicle Inspections that have been completed.  

The Fulfillment functionality is configured to calculate the vehicle's compliance with the inspection program outlined in the Inspection Schedule.

Vehicle Inspection Type

The Vehicle Inspection Type process identifies the possible types of inspections that can be performed and scheduled on a vehicle.  A form should be added for each type of inspection.

Vehicle Inspection

The Vehicle Inspection captures the completed inspection and all of its results.  The inspection forms are the core of the vehicle tracking system.  As Vehicle Inspection records are entered, Table Fill adds the records to the Inspection History on the Vehicle.

When entering a Vehicle Inspection, the Inspection Type is selected.  This allows one Vehicle Inspection process to accommodate multiple types of vehicle inspections, like a monthly inspection, a quarterly inspection, and an annual inspection for example.

The Vehicle Inspection also tracks the following data:

  • Date and Time of Inspection - when the inspection occurred
  • Inspector - who performed the inspection
  • Vehicle Inspected - links the inspection to the vehicle
  • Inspection Type - Using the Inspection Schedule on the Vehicle Inspected, the system uses this to identify the expiration of the Inspection
  • Current KMs - captures the KMs on the vehicle at the time of inspection
  • Inspection - details the points to be inspected

To monitor recurring vehicle inspections and their completion progress, you can configure dashboard widgets to display which vehicles have monthly inspections not completed.