Whatever you call it... Job Hazard Assessment (JHA), Job Hazard Analysis, or Job Safety Analysis it's a procedure to examine, investigate, or evaluate the potential hazards associated with the steps of a job or task and controls to decrease the risk associated with conducting that job or task.

Where ever your company operates, there's likely legislation requiring employers to conduct Job Hazard Assessments in order to identify job hazards, eliminate if possible, and control those that can not be eliminated.

There are several methods to conduct and create Job Hazard Assessment documents. Two popular methods are observing a worker perform the job or task, assessing hazards as you observe the worker and the other, having a group of experienced workers complete an assessment through discussion. 

What ever method you chose, the JHA produced is a powerful tool to improve the consistency of operations, safety, and company training. 

The processes we've configured will assist you to create your JHAs and provide a place where your employees can easily access them for reference and review. The processes will also demonstrate compliance for safety audits for companies that are trying to achieve or maintain safety standards such as SECOR, COR, and ISO 45001. 

There are three processes associated with a complete JHA process:

  1. Position Inventory - which lists all jobs or tasks in your company operations
  2. Job Hazard Assessment - which details the steps or segments of operation necessary to complete the job or task
  3. Field Level Risk Assessment - which will assess any local site or environmental hazards and controls that supplement established JHAs