The Position Inventory process is used to capture all the positions in your company. For example, positions could be Carpenter, Field Engineer, and Supervisor.

Again, Position Inventory could be named occupation, profession, or job title. What ever you want to name it, this process is meant to capture a list of all the positions in your company. We need a position list because when you're creating a JHA for a job or task, that JHA can relate to one or more positions. And, you want know all JHAs associated with a position so an average risk score can be calculated.

To enter a position, click Start. 

Enter the Position and Position Description.

Don't worry about the JHAs Associated With Position table field, it is automatically going to be populated with information from a JHA that is related to this position (if your interested how... Table Fill). Same goes for Average Risk Level for Position, as related JHA forms are populated into the table, the average risk level will be calculated. 

Repeat these steps for every position in your company. When you're finished you can view positions by clicking on 1. Position Inventory. 

It's JHA time.